So, I get to go first to introduce myself to you. Hello. I’m Vicki, I’m 17, and I type this from very sunny England. Which ironically is in the middle of a heatwave, so it’s actually sunny. This next week will probably be all the summer we get this year. 

People often talk about their hobbies when introducing themselves, so I should probably tell you a bit about mine. I love to read, mostly fiction. Fahrenheit 451 is a particular favourite, but I like most things that aren’t romance. Food is good, both the cooking and the eating of it, as is listening to music. Again, I like most things. But not rap. Or Baked beans. Or curry. I also dance (ballet), but I am remarkably bad at it. Admittedly, I only took it up in January, ergo I have reason for being so awful: My sense of balance seems remarkably non-existent. 

I feel now might be the right time to attempt to explain the name of our blog, but that’s long enough to be a post in itself, so I think might sign off here for now … 

– Vicki


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