A string of disconnected thoughts

So today I’m having one of those days where you know you have things to do – like drivers ed homework and giving your hedgehog a bath and unpacking from your weekend at your friends lake house – but you don’t have the motivation to do it. This is normal, I don’t usually get practical things done until the literal last minute since I am basically a professional procrastinator. But my normal means of procrastinating is sitting outside by the pool in my yard reading a good book. Slight problem today: It’s too hot to go outside (over 90F, a heat advisory is in place) and I’ve run out of books to read. 

Since I mentioned it above, I should probably talk about my weekend. One of my best friends sent me a text message on Thursday inviting me to come to her family’s lake house with her. There isn’t really much to say about it. It was fun. There was a lake. I stayed up until 2am every night annoying her brothers and their friends (I am also a professional at both staying up late and annoying people). We went tubing on the lake which was terrifying for someone afraid of both water and fish, but the gods of tubing looked down upon me with pity and kept me out of the lake.

Vicki, I really liked your sentimental post. I am not quite to the point where all conversations are about college and future and all that scary stuff, but I often get asked what my plans are or where I want to go or what I want to do. I try not to think about it too much since my brain pretty much explodes if I think too hard about my life or future or why I’m here or what I’m doing and I slowly slip into a state of existential crisis. I would like to go to a big city for school (Chicago or New York are my top choices at the moment) and I think I want to write, but I know that’s a difficult thing to do so there is a constant debate in my head going “c’mon you can do it you love writing it will make you happy” “but if you don’t write good enough you’ll live in a refrigerator box on the street be a doctor or lawyer or something” “1) you should have said well enough, not good, and 2) you hate people don’t work with them, WRITE”. So I don’t know what I’m going to do is what I’m getting at here.

Now that my inner turmoil has been unleashed to the internet, I think I’m going to go bathe my hedgehog. Vicki, I really think you should go to Vancouver. Not only does it seem like a great place, but its about *googles* 1,790 miles from here which is a lot closer than where you are now. Perhaps a meet up in the future?



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