Driving, Concerts, and Anniversaries

So on July 28th I will be turning 15 and a half. Which means I will be able to legally operate a motor vehicle on a public road with a parent or other adult person with me. Which is terrifying both for me and any person who drives on roads near me. I apologize in advance to them for any chaos I might cause. This is all assuming I pass my test on Thursday, which I have been studying like crazy for all day. I will let you know how that goes.

Last Thursday I went to my first concert (unless you count The Wiggles when I was 4). It was a One Direction concert (with 5 Seconds of Summer) and it was GREAT. I went with my sisters and we all had a fantastic time. The picture above is me (left) with one of my sisters (Emma).

Today is my parents 19th wedding anniversary (it is also Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday and One Direction’s 3rd anniversary), so it’s been a very busy day organizing dinner for them to go to and baking a cake and keeping my little sisters under control. I hope I did an okay job. It can really suck being the oldest sibling on days like this.

That’s really all I have for you today, it is 11:20 pm right now on Tuesday (my time zone is central standard time) so I am not going to be punished! I hope I’ll have good news for you next week!



Driving, Concerts, and Anniversaries


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