Permit, Camping, Walking, and Blinking

 I got my permit yesterday, which was an interesting ordeal. 

First, I had to pass the test, which was ridiculously easy. It was all common sense. The questions were like this: 
If you see a child in the road ahead of you should you:
A) swerve off the road
B) jump out the car window
C) stop and wait for the child to move
Okay maybe not quite that easy, but you get the idea. 
After that there was an hour long wait at the DMV (Vicki since you’re British I will explain a little, the DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles, they handle all drivers licensing and testing and stuff), a picture taken, a few things signed, an eye test, and finally, a $35 fee payed. $35 kinda seems like a lot but whatever. 
Now I can drive with a teacher or parent in the passenger seat! When I’m 16, I can test for my license so I can drive alone. Exciting stuff. I drove a bunch yesterday and today and even went on a highway for a couple minutes (which was terrifying. 65 mph!!!!!)  
Anyways. On to other things. Last weekend I had a camp out with some figure skating people, 15 girls in 1 tent. I hardly slept, but everyone else did. So of course I had to reassure the eight year old twins ALL NIGHT that no, raccoons can not get into a closed tent. I really wanted to punch the girl who told them they could and then went to sleep. Otherwise, though, it was really fun. We played sardines (which is kind of our tradition, it’s like hide and seek but reversed. One person hides and when you find them you stay in the hiding place until everyone’s crammed in the closet/barn/pine tree). And the food was rainbow colored. All in all a great time. 
This weekend I will be going to the Relay for Life, a walk to support cancer research. I will be sure to talk about that next week. 
Why do I always seem to write this late on Tuesday night? Because I am a professional procrastinator.  
And one last thing: don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. 
What has this tv show done to me…
-Claire (who hasn’t blinked in quite a while…)

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