Storytime with Claire: The Tailless Cat

Late Tuesday night blogging has become my style I see. Can’t pretend I didn’t see that one coming. 

So today is going to be a sort of blog I haven’t done before. Lets call it Storytime with Claire: where I tell you a little story about my life. Today’s story is about one of my cats. 
I have three cats. They all live in our garage and they catch mice for us and they like going hunting in the woods, normal cat things.  The youngest cat (barely over a year) is named Ozzy. He is more like a dog honestly. He wants to be with his people all the time, he purrs before you even touch him, and he’s got that positive “I’m so so so so happy oh my gosh everything is grand!” demeanor that is usually attributed to dogs. Everyone loves him. 
Ozzy, being his people loving self, rarely ventures into the woods. It’s too far from us (especially Grace, his favorite by far). But one day two weeks ago he did. We didn’t think anything of it until the next night, when he still wasn’t home. He had never been gone for more than 2 days. Fast forward through lots of days of stress and worry that he’d never return, and he appears. 9 days after his disappearance. Skinny, tired, but alive. 
We brought him inside and fed him (he clearly hasn’t had much if any food the whole time) and quickly noticed what had kept him out in the woods. His tail hung limp, not moving at all. He walked awkwardly, tripping over it and stumbling when it swung one way or the other. Clearly it was broken. The vet said to give it a couple of days and then bring him in if it didn’t get better. 
It didn’t. He couldn’t run or jump. His tail was throwing off his balance. Which made him look kind of drunk every time he moved around. We brought him in (I drove!) and the vet said he had no feeling in it anymore and since it was screwing up his balance and the chances of it recovering at all were slim at best, the best option was to amputate. We set the appointment for the next Monday. 
That Monday was yesterday. The surgery went well, his tail was broken between the first and second vertebrae, so basically right at the top. We don’t know what happened, most likely something fell on his tail or it got stuck somewhere. 
So now I have a tailless cat who is on so many pain meds that he hasn’t seemed to notice yet that he is missing part of his body. He looks fine without his tail, better than I thought he would. But that doesn’t stop me from giggling when I see him. I do feel bad for him, really, but he looks a little ridiculous and the stoned look on his face doesn’t help. I will post a picture next week once he’s gotten his stitches out and is able to be out of his pen that we’ve put him in to limit his activity. 
The end. 

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