I’m writing this early, at least comparatively early, because I will have no time tomorrow as I am doing something. This means that I haven’t yet done anything, so I have nothing to write about. However, I have been at home with my siblings for all of my summer holiday so far. And, I tell you, they are an interesting bunch.

Because I really can’t think of anything else, and my sister is trying to convince me that someone should make a TV show of our lives, here is a list of the five strangest things that my family have said since we broke up for the summer holidays, along with a brief explanation of each:

5. “It’s not always clear where the edge of oblivion is” – For some reason, Wii fit really brings out the philosophical side of my mother.

4. “I did say that I was a fairy princess, but there weren’t any teacakes involved” – This was my 13 year brother, who is obsessed with video games. Go figure.

3. “Is Jesus a Hipster?” – I was helping my sister sort out her iTunes, and somehow discussing the biblical nature of Mumford and Sons led to this.

2. “I want hair that will make Rapunzel jealous” – This again was my brother, who is often likened to Gavroche in both physical appearance and general scruffiness.

1.  “Alfred, don’t put Jesus in the Kettle” – Somewhere in the back beyond,  my brother found a palm cross from Easter and proceeded to do stupid things with it.

– Vicki




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