Somebody I Used to Know

Today, I turned on my computer (at long last), and loaded up facebook whilst decided whether I wanted to write my post about the trials and tribulations of results day, or the easier-to-understand, safer territory of the Balloon Fiesta. Instead, what I came across was this.

It’s a missing persons notice. For the girl who used to sit behind me in English class.

Before you ask, I haven’t seen her. Not since the end of year 11 (last May), when we went off to different sixth forms, and lead our different lives. It’s not like I’d expected to keep in contact with her, but living in an isolated bubble, I never thought that sort of thing would happen to someone I knew. Being quite quiet, she never seemed like the sort of person who’d disappear, but at the same time, people like that can fade into the background – and you don’t watch out, they might fade out completely . I don’t really know what I’m writing; just that we should watch out for the people we know.

I might try and make this more coherent at a later date, but stay safe, and in the unlikely event you’ve seen her, tell someone.

– Vicki

EDIT: She’s been found.


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