Storytime with Claire: Henry

I had planned to complain about how school is starting soon and the horrible feeling of impending doom hovering over me, but your post Vicki  reminded me of a childhood story I hadn’t thought about in a while. So here you go. 

When I was in elementary school I was labeled a troublemaker. One of the kids who annoys the teacher to no end with their clever little tricks and pranks. In kindergarten, there was a boy in my class named Henry. He was a troublemaker as well, so, obviously, we became best friends. You could also call us partners in crime. 
Henry and I pestered the other kids in the class and the teacher. It was never a big deal, we’d change the marker caps so they were the wrong color, hide a chair or two in the supply closet, switch around the name tags at the desks, etc. 
One day, we planned a bigger trick. Instead of getting off the school bus at his stop, he would stay on for a few extra minutes and get off at mine, two blocks away. He would then come to my house and we could play on my swing set while his mom and brother sat at home waiting for him. Looking back now, I can see the gaps in that logic. 
Henry’s brother got off the bus at their stop. He didn’t notice that Henry hadn’t followed since we sat further back in the bus. At my stop, he hid in the crowd getting off (it was a busy stop) and had his jacket over his head the whole walk to my house. I had planned to sneak him into the back yard, then go inside, say hello to my family, and go back outside. 
Unfortunately for us my mom was standing in the front watching us come. Henry’s mom had already called her. I think you can guess what happened next. 
Afterwards, my mom told me that I wasn’t allowed to have anyone over without permission and I couldn’t be friends with Henry anymore if we were going to keep up this behavior. His mom told him the same. 
We still were sort of friends at school, but we didn’t really talk anymore. The fun had been ruined. 
Don’t worry, I got a new partner in crime after Henry. I have many stories of me and her terrorizing my teachers and peers. 
Also, I’m glad they found that girl. I’ve seen firsthand how terrified parents get when their children are missing. The look on Henry’s mom’s face when she came to get him is permanently burned into my brain. I wish I had known better back then, but I was only 6.  
Until next week,

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