One Week Remaining

Hello happy Tuesday everybody! 

So today is my last Tuesday of summer break, school starts back up again on the third of September (next Tuesday), which is absolutely perfect for you! Why? Because I’m sure I will have plenty of awkward first day stories to tell you. 
I don’t really get nervous for the first day of school honestly. It takes a lot to worry me, I’m pretty bomb proof (unless its some little irrational thing then I will freak out but first day of school? Nah). I get that kind of subconscious worry where I feel absolutely fine and I don’t think I’m nervous at all until I try to fall asleep the night before and find that I can’t. It’s a little bit odd, but good. High pressure situations are where I shine. And if they don’t make me nervous? Even better. 
So about school. Do I want to go back? Not particularly. But at the same time I very much do. Something about school makes me feel more stable. And I love to learn things, unless they’re math, in which case I hate them.  Math is evil. 
I will be a sophomore in high school this year, which is a little weird to think about because after this, two more years then college… Oh god. I should just stop there. 
I will see you next week with tales of my (sure to be awkward) first day. 
-Claire (yes it’s still Tuesday I have 43 minutes to spare hush)

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