Bittersweet day

Today was a very bittersweet day. 
I started school, which was a bit of both. I don’t have any super embarrassing stories yet, besides that two of my friends came to biology with me and some other friends and it turned out they were meant to be in the other biology class (which I found very funny). One of them just got up and left, and the other said he had to play it cool and was going to wait until after attendance to leave. He didn’t play it cool at all.
For the sweet, it is Mikey from the lasties birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY I WOULD GIVE YOU A CUPCAKE OR SOMETHING BUT YOU’RE A LITTLE TOO FAR AWAY SO PRETEND I DID ANYWAYS OKAY?) and he revealed a surprise vlogbrothers video dedicated to him in which HANK FRAKKING TALKED ABOUT US. I am still in shock. 
Another sweet is that my American history teacher showed us a vlogbrothers video to start off class today (An Open Letter to Students Returning to School), which means another nerdfighter teacher maybe! I already know my English teacher from last year is one. Whoo DFTBA awesome teachers! 
And now the bitter. I got an email from the people who lived across the street from me growing up (2002-2009 I lived by them). My sister was best friends with one of the children. Turns out their dad (who has had cancer since 2010) now has it very bad behind his eye and in his spine. They are starting much more aggressive treatment to try and give him a few more months, but things are not looking good. He has four children, and for their sakes I’m hoping for some kind of miracle. They sent us a link to his caringbridge site, so I will let you know if anything happens. 
I can’t end on that sad note, so here’s a happy one. Bastille finally released they’re full album in the US today so I am VERY EXCITED to listen to it as soon as I post this. 
Until next Tuesday,

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