Mixed Things

Well, seeing as we’ve both just started back at school, I had thought that now would a relevant time to publish the results of a survey I’m doing on the different sorts of education that people receive. Then I was much busier than I thought I’d be, and I realised that there was no way I could do all the analysis and graphs which I wanted to do in the hour and 40 mins I have till this has to be up. So be warned, that’s what will be here next week … and may involve a bit of a stats overload. If you want to fill it in before I close it (for real this time) on Wednesday or Thursday, then it’s here:


Moving on, I said I’ve been busy, so what have I actually done? Firstly, I’m back at school now, and have begun my final year, which is kind of daunting, but also quite fun. I also finished applying for the job I mentioned last time. Writing a CV is so much harder than it sounds. It was my mum’s birthday, so there was some cooking I did for that, as well as running around collecting some final Gromit statues before they get taken away on monday to be auctioned for the local children’s hospital. (If you don’t know, because I genuinely have no idea how popular it is outside of my local area, Gromit [of Wallace and Gromit] is a character in a number of plastiscene animation films – whose studio happens to be in my city).

But the main thing, is that this afternoon, I went to a birthday party. Once of the close friends, and the oldest of my social group, is 18 tomorrow, so she decided to celebrate this in the most childish way possible. Que the fancy dress and bouncy castle. Apart from at the party this afternoon, I haven’t been on a bouncy castle since I was six.  We also played pass the parcel, and other equally nostalgic games. It was awesome 🙂

– Vicki (who definitely didn’t forget about writing anything until 2 hours before you’d punish her)


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