Today I had an audition for the school musical.

I’ve been into acting/music/arts in general ever since I was little, after scoring the lead role in the school play when I was only 6, beating out kids as old as 11. My family usually gets annoyed with me near audition times as I tend to run around the house as various characters and sing my audition songs constantly.

This years musical is Beauty and the Beast (one of my favorites), so for the past week or so I’ve been working any songs from it into my daily life, like making cookies and serving them to my family with a dramatic interpretation of “Be Our Guest” or singing “Home” as I beg my mom to quit talking to the old friends she ran into at Target and take me home (insert 1D dance party here).

My audition went well (I sang a part of the song “Belle” and read a few pages as Madame de la Bouche aka the wardrobe), better than expected honestly, and call backs are on Friday so by next Tuesday I will know my role(s). Exciting!

Tl;dr I am prone to episodes of crazy drama nerd-ness




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