Every year around this time, my school brings in a “motivational speaker” or “at risk youth specialist” or “anti drug/alcohol/bullying/insert-anything-here professional” to talk to us for an hour and teach us to be better people.

All in all, I think it’s a good idea. My school has a dangerously high percentage of students abusing drugs (they bring in freaking drug sniffing dogs once a month to check all the lockers), a lot of bullying, and many kids with seriously unstable home lives.

They’ve been doing this for years and years, but they problems have only gotten worse, so now they’re trying to get creative with who they invite in.

Last year, it was a middle aged man in sagging pants and a baggy hoodie rapping to us for an entire HOUR about how we need to respect people. Boy do I wish I was kidding. That was PAINFUL. The year before it was an artist with severe attention deficiencies who drew a few pictures for us while jumping from story to story without ever getting to the end of one.

This year, however, it was a little more interesting. They invited a MAGICIAN. I got to miss an entire hour of American History to watch a magic show. Which was fantastic. I mean, MAGIC SHOW. How could it not be great? Apparently there was an underlying “anti bullying” theme, but to me it just looked like magic tricks being done by a nerdy-but-cool magician. He did some of the coolest tricks I’ve ever seen all while telling us jokes and stories and bragging about his level 85 Pokemon. It was pretty much awesome.

And now I return to the reason I got up at 4 am and have been glued to my kindle pretty much all day, HOUSE OF HADES!!!!!! I may have a slight obsession with the Percy Jackson books hush I grew up reading them these are my childhood and there is a new one that I must read WHOOP!!


School Speakers


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