20 Things that Make Me Want to Punch My Teacher in the Face.

  1. The way she thinks people only need to study for her lessons, and totally ignores that they have other teachers and other subjects they need to learn for. 
  2. The way that she sets at least 2 hours of work for every single lesson. Or what she thinks will take two hours, it’s normally like 3 or 4. 
  3. The fact that she always takes her shoes off, so the classroom smells of stinky feet. Her Stinky feet. 
  4. The fact that she seems to think students don’t need to sleep – If you prioritise sleep over an essay, she’ll yell at you and give you detention, but if you got to class tired, she’ll also yell at you. 
  5. The way she’s always late to every lesson. 
  6. How she thinks putting “economic” as an adjective in front of every other word will make this sound more educational.
  7. The way she thinks we should all get jobs. Just because you don’t have a job, doesn’t mean you don’t want a job. 
  8. The way she says “please” when giving you a deadline, and then turns into the Hulk if you haven’t quite finished the homework on time. 
  9. Her cycling shorts. Just no. They are far shorter than anything that we as students are allowed to wear. And she doesn’t even cycle.
  10. The way she tells us all off for not doing things, mainly reading, in out spare time, when because of her, we don’t really have any free time. 
  11. How she wants to start making revision resources for our exam now, when the exam isn’t till June. 
  12. Her love of exams and standardised testing. 
  13. The way she moans about how many essays she has to mark, when she sets them in the first place. 
  14. She’s really condescending. 
  15. The way she tells us loads of anecdotes about her baby/rest of her life, and then gets annoyed when we get distracted by them. Or if we don’t listen to them. 
  16. Her Language. 
  17. She doesn’t understand that people might have a life outside of school. 
  18. The way she asks for volunteers to do something, and then just picks other people. 
  19. How she expects everyone to be able to check there emails on their mobile phone. 
  20. Her stupid, stupid face. 

/rant over

– Vicki


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