Since I like to read a lot and I am also very enthusiastic about getting people to read what I read and discuss it with me/feel my pain, here is a list of my best book recommendations and a little on what they’re about:

1) The Divergent series by Veronica Roth — DYSTOPIA!!! Need I say more? It’s a little similar to the Hunger Games series, set in dystopian Chicago where society is split into 5 factions based on dominant personality traits (smart, selfless, kind, honest, and brave). Those whose faction aptitude is inconclusive are considered divergent. Basically, READ IT. Also Shailene Woodley is starring in the movie, if that helps.

2) The Book Theif by Marcus Zusak — Set in Germany during WWII, the story follows a young girl whose adoptive family hides a Jewish man in their basement. Oh, and she steals some books too. (Warning: this book will absolutely and completely RIP YOUR HEART TO SHREDS)

3) Anything by John Green — his books are always fantastic

4) Harry Potter by JK Rowling — if you haven’t read these, what on earth are you waiting for?!

5) The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan — Greek mythology in modern day!!! It’s like a dream come true! Basically, these books are about a boy named Percy Jackson who is a half blood or demigod, his mom is human, his dad a Greek god. There are a lot of other half bloods too, and they all train for quests at Camp Half Blood in New York. Pretty cool, right?!

6) Anything by Maureen Johnson — Queen MJ is a legend. Her books are fantastic. If you aren’t ready to commit to reading a whole book of hers, just check out her twitter account. You won’t be sorry.

I will probably add more onto this list another day, and Vicki you are free to share your book recommendations as well!


Book Recommendations


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