We need to talk about punishments. Technically, this post should be the last part of the survey results, but I feel this is a more pressing topic. That post can wait till next week, because the chance of something repeatably funny happening at Guy Fawkes Night is pretty low. And if something that funny does happen, chances are I’ll have told you before Friday anyway. So, as you know, you are due a punishment. I quite like Kevin’s suggestion that you have to do the dance to “What does the Fox say”, film it, and put it up here, but I thought I’d be nice and give you some choice. Below is a list of punishments I have come up with, and you can add to, for either of us to do in the future. I think it would be fair to say that we can only do any of them once each, and this is in no way a complete list. Also, all punishments should be accessible from here. But, without further ado;

Suggested Punishments

  1. Do the dance to “What does the Fox say”, or another equally embarrassing song, and film it.
  2. Make 4(ish) minute video impersonating a youtube channel of your choice. 
  3. Learn and film the cup song.
  4. Write a post without using spell-check/editing it in any way.
  5. Write a post which thinks it’s a textbook page. 
  6. Draw an entire post in paint.
  7. The same with clip art. 
  8. Because we’ve both studied it, write a post in French!

Okay, I’m out of ideas … If anything needs clarifying, or you have anymore ideas, just say … 




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