I have wanted to do NaNoWriMo ever since I heard it was a thing. Last year, I started to try, but chickened out. This year, I am going for it.

I am crazy busy, so it may not be polished much, but on the last day of November I am going to have at least 50000 words all bundled up in a story and on your desk (not actually) for you. I am not actually going to put it on the NaNoWriMo website (but I might if it turns out good!) as I’m more doing this to prove to myself I can than anything, but I am technically participating. Yay for trying new things! It’s kind of bad timing (November is my busiest month) but I’ve put it off for way too long and if I want to be a writer I need to write, even if what I write sucks. Even if it’s a 50000 word fan fiction, or a story about a unicorn, or a squirrel apocalypse (none of these are what I’m ACTUALLY writing about don’t worry), I’ll have something. And I am very excited.

About the punishment… I will supply you with one of the punishments next Tuesday. I am not sure which yet, but you will get one. I’ll surprise you 🙂

Until next Tuesday,

National Novel Writing Month


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