Incoherant Blur

This post will be short. This post will not contain survey results. This post probably won’t even make a lot of sense. This post is here to tell you that I think I have some flu type thing. I seem to have forgotten which way is up, and generally feel like I could sleep for a year. I will probably go to bed when I finish writing this, meaning I’ll have spent 8 hours not asleep today, rather than 8 hours sleeping. I only thing I’ve really felt able to do today is read. Which leads me onto point number two … 

Earlier today, someone pointed me in the direction of, which in turn led me to BookMooch. Both are sites where, though some means or other, people can swap books with others for free or just postage, and track the journeys of their own books across the globe. I think they look cool, and that you might like to know that they exist. If they turn out to be not-great, I apologise, because in my current comatose state I wouldn’t trust me to have read the about sections properly. 

– Vicki 


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