My punishment has been started, but it isn’t quite finished yet, so it will either be up later this week or next Tuesday.

Recently I have been having a lot of anxiety. I’ve had issues with anxiety for a while, almost 2 years, but I’ve been having more of it recently and it’s really no fun.

If you’re unfamiliar with anxiety/panic attacks and the differences between the two, I will teach you. Anxiety (or generalized anxiety) is a low level of almost constant fear and worry over things that don’t necessarily need to be worried about. Panic attacks are short bursts of intense feelings of anxiety usually triggered by something (although sometimes not, as most of mine happen in my sleep, waking me up in a lovely way *angry face*). The two together are really no fun.

I think that since they have been getting a lot worse, I should probably do something about it, so I’m working on a few lifestyle and schedule changes, and I’m really hoping they work out. I will keep you updated on that and you can expect my finished paint post punishment (yes I’m making a post in paint) next week.

Ps Vicki I am getting sick too! I think it’s just flu season everywhere or something…




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