Discussions and Driving

I know I promised that this was going to be the last instalment of survey results, and, yet again it isn’t. It turns out that pulled everything I can out of the survey, and just wasn’t keeping track of it well enough to tell you when I’d finished. So sorry about that. This leaves me with the question of what to talk about, and after a strange geography lesson on monday (and yesterday’s children in need), I could, and am tempted to talk about poverty, but I’m not feeling coherent enough to write something that doesn’t sound like a sob-story, despite the whole “not-a-sob-story” thing being the point of the post. Am I stalling? Maybe.

I could talk about Doctor Who, but I feel my opinion is an unpopular one, so I probably shouldn’t. I could talk about knitting, seeing how much of it I’ve been doing, but there’s not really an awful lot to write about, and I could say the same about writing essays. I could also talk about D of E expeditions, but I think I should wait until everything is a bit more concrete. Which leaves me with talking about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am learning to drive. Well, not exactly. My brother is having a birthday party which involves a handful of 13 year old boys driving around a disused car park – along with me and my sister. And for some reason, I am far more excited than I should be. I’ve only asked mum 4 times what sort of shoes to wear, because I’m not sure if I can do all the ankle stuff in my usual Doc. Martins. And yes, I may be old enough to properly learn to drive. I have friends who have sat their driving tests, one of whom now has to carpool her mum to work. But I’ve never gotten behind the wheel before (unless you count the dodgems, or the learner ride in Legoland), and I might be just a tiny bit too excited.

– Vicki


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