I hate being sick.

First of all, there’s the coughing and sneezing, the headache, the sore throat, the fever, the inability to be comfortable, the feeling of being hungry, but after you eat something you feel like your stomach is trying to turn itself inside out. That’s only the first part of it.

The second (and in my opinion, worse) part of it is that you get so behind on everything. You just lay there, knowing that life is not stopping to wait for you to finish with this illness, and that as soon as you’re better you’re going to be working double as hard to catch up. It’s enough to make a person insane!

I guess I’m just lucky that I’m sick this week, when bbc is airing a week long marathon of doctor who. Also tumblr helps. Hurray distractions!

Also, I will post my paint post as soon as I’m well enough to get out of my bed and journey up the stairs to the land of the office where the computer with paint on it is located (I’m posting this from my phone). Sorry for the delay, but I tried to go upstairs earlier and I got dizzy on the second step up and had to go back to bed. Ah the joys of flu season.

Sorry if this makes next to no sense, I might have a little bit of fever brain right now…




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