Given the historical significance of this day, and how I’m still making stupid noises about it even though it finished half an hour ago, the chance or me not writing about Doctor Who is virtually nil. Along with Tots TV, and the newsflash in Sesame Street about the death of Princess Diana, Doctor Who is the first thing I remember watching on the television. It was an episode with Patrick Troughton, and worm-like monsters which were now so obviously men crawling around in sleeping bags. I think I spent most of that time hid behind the sofa, crying. But no, Doctor Who is something I have grown up with, and despite its various flaws (*cough* Moffat *cough*), something I have always adored. As you might have guessed, I am going to spend the rest of this post writing about the 50th, so if you haven’t seen it, look away now. 

I was in the Co-op this morning when the man in front of the till started talking to the cashier about Doctor Who this evening, and I may have attempted to join in the conversation, and gone back to looking at the price of butter when they noticed I was there. Although I was expecting to be disappointed, that’s how excited I was. I say expected for reasons mentioned earlier, but I wasn’t. The Day of The Doctor was awesome. It was superb. It was better than any individual adjective in the English language that I can think of. There were bits I wasn’t so fond of, namely the involvement of Capaldi, but on the whole it was great. I was thinking that Rose would have become some strange super-timelord lady, rather than still being a real girl, but not-rose was actually, very very clever. And the bit near the end, with all the 12 Doctors. I think that was when the stupid noises began. I was also very worried about John Hurt, and although I didn’t like the idea of a war doctor, and of intervention in the time war generally, I may have been swayed. I don’t think I can write anything much more meaningful than how much I loved it, how pleasantly surprised I was, and despite my other commitments, how I can’t wait to watch it again. 

– Vicki

P.S: If you haven’t played the Dr Who Google Doodle Game yet, you’re missing out. Personally, It took me 24 minutes and I regenerated 11 times. Which is probably quite bad. You can almost definitely do better. 


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