You know how without really doing anything you can suddenly become really busy. Without leaving the house even. You promise someone you’ll help them with something, and you give yourself 5 minutes before you do some work in order to help sort out christmas things, and before you know it its nine pm and you’ve only written two sentences on the coursework you were meant to spend all day on. At least I do. I should really stop writing in the second person.

Currently, this is very busy time of year. Socially, as I have friends who are being baptisted and turning 18 and having other things happen to them with require large gatherings of people. I have been to more parties this year than in the 3 before combined, which although the numbers involved are pretty small, probably means something. Academically busy as well, as someone decided than in return for the cancellation of January exams, we would get two sets of mock (internal) exams, and vast amounts of coursework with an early December deadline on top of the normal, stress inducing levels of work. I was actually going to attempt to write something on stress and how I feel it is having a detrimental effect on my immune system before I noticed I only had 3 hours to go until you would punish me, so anything requiring diagrams was out of the question. 

And Christmas shopping. Some people are so hard to buy for. I may have managed to find my sister something very cheap on etsy in the late hours of last night (Woo! Black Friday), but there are still people who need presents. Shopping is so unbelievably time consuming. As is making presents. And just about everything relating to Christmas, be it nativity puppet shows, or working out whose birthdays need to go into a christmas calender. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I just wish I had more time. A lot more time.

– Vicki

P.S: Congratulations on Nanowrimo. I tried last year, and got to about 20,000, which seemed successful for me despite technically being an abject failure.  


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