So. Nanowrimo is a thing I actually finished. *pats self on back*

Another thing that happened to me in the last week is thanksgiving. Vicki, you don’t have thanksgiving, which I think is very sad, as it is one of the best holidays ever invented. You seriously just spend time with your family eating all the turkey, potatoes, cranberries, and whatever else you can. And then you sit around all lazy like (or take a nap) until you aren’t so full you feel like you’re about to burst, and you the eat as much pie as you want. I think you should think about adopting it across the pond there, you might really enjoy it.

Also, it’s DECEMBER which means CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!

I’m excited for Christmas because… Well it’s Christmas do I really have to explain?

But I’m not so excited because I don’t really want to watch the eleventh doctor regenerate ugh I’m not prepared for the feels. I really love ten, he’s my favorite, but eleven has always seemed like the kind of person I’d get along with. I prefer (slightly) watching David Tennant’s Doctor, but if I had to choose one to travel with, it would probably be Matt Smith’s.

Well now that I’m feeling all the feels of doom, I’m going to watch a happy episode of Doctor Who to cheer me up. Also, a huge snowstorm is expected tonight (we got an inch or so today, and are supposed to get 5-10 overnight and into tomorrow) so I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow!


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Snow.


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