This weekend was insane.

As you know, I was in Beauty and the Beast. We had 5 performances all shoved into one weekend, and I am more than a little exhausted.

Our first show was Thursday afternoon, which we performed for the school. It kind of sucked and we didn’t have enough time so the bell rang in the middle of a scene so everyone just got up and left. Which I though was rude.

Our second show was Friday night, which went okay despite my friend breaking his wrist back stage. That was fun to deal with.

On Saturday we did two shows, one in the afternoon and one at night, which meant I was there all day setting up then doing two shows almost back to back. The afternoon one was okay again, but a curtain malfunction threw us off a little. The one Saturday night was fantastic, which is weird since we were all so tired, but we did drink lots of Mountain Dew before it…

Sundays show was not very good… A lead character had some line issues which messed up a pretty big scene, but we came back from it well, so that was good.

Now I am very tired and I can’t talk (from all the singing), but it was really fun performing on stage. As much as the practices annoyed me, I think it ended up worth it.

Goodnight 🙂


Ps. Is that a missing post I see Vicki? Hmm…

A whirlwind weekend


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