I may have mentioned a very long time ago that I do ballet. And that I’m not particularly good at it. Well, tuesday is my first ever dance show. And I’m terrified. I’m excited as well, but still terrified. I haven’t done anywhere near as much practise as I want to have done because my chemistry coursework has been consuming my entire life. Here’s a valuable piece of advice; you need more than a week to write a dozen pages on the (primarily) colourimetric analysis of water contaminants.

It’s not a very big show. Probably not even a show by most people’s standards. Bearing in mind the last time I did any sort of performance was nearly 6 years ago (was I really 12 six years ago?), and I knew the songs we sung so well I still sometimes sing them in the shower, it feels like kind of a big deal. Also, as my friend reminded me yesterday, one of the girls threw up all over the stage.  I know it will be fine. But the idea of being one of two people doing a dance on stage (the 3rd girl has only just gotten over pneumonia), particularly when the other person is a much better dancer than me, is quite scary. 

Bearing in mind I can’t even remember what one of our dances is, I better go find my leg warmers. 

– Vicki

P.S: I understand that I am totally due a punishment. Please be nice. Also, I can’t film anything because my sister’s iPod is broken – and I don’t think my own camera would know what a video is. Maybe a betamax, but the fact it says “Made in the Soviet Union” across the bottom should give you a clue to how old and analogue it is. 


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