International Citizen Service.

Last time I wrote something on here, I mentioned that I might be going to Tanzania, or The Philippines, or Nepal. About a week ago, on the last World Development lesson of term, a girl from the year above us came in to talk about what she’d done on her gap year in Rwanda, as a part of ICS. As it sounded fun, and I’d heard a number of adverts for it on the radio, I decided to look up ICS. ICS, or International Citizen Service, is this thing my government is doing where they send people to do 3 months development work in lower income countries. It’s kind of like a shorter version of the Peace Corps. As of about 20 minutes ago, I have sent off my application.

When I say 20 minutes ago, I actually mean yesterday, because I decided that leaving this before I’d finished writing was a good idea. I got a verification email this morning, which is making me even more nervous, and even more excited, about whether or not I’ve gotten in. Part of me thinks that it’s unlikely to happen, and that I shouldn’t think about it too much, but the rest of me is super excited. If I do get to go, expect lots of pictures from my travels, and lots of soppy stories about my superhero complex – and providing water supplies to remote villages.

Given that I’m talking about poverty alleviation, what I’ve written suddenly seems very egocentric, but if I do get though, I’m sure I’ll lose that tone eventually 😉



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