So its 2014 now.

Do I feel any different? Not really. The New Year has always confused me, we make it out to be such a big deal, a fresh start, a clean slate, before we pick up with life exactly where we left off last year. I personally don’t have any New Years resolutions this year. Besides, like, don’t die.

Since the holiday season is technically over, I go back to school today. I find it quite unfair, but that’s not my decision to make. I will miss not having to go to school, I can already tell you that much. It’s been fun, Christmas.

Another, arguably more important, thing that happened yesterday was Sherlock. Vicki, I know you’re planning to make your post about that, so I won’t say too much besides the fact that it was amazing and I apologize to anyone who follows me on tumblr.


Ps I know this is late I got very distracted with the holidays and stuff but I was given a small extension hopefully this still counts as on time?

A New Year


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