Help, I’ve Forgotten How to Write …

I should so have written this earlier. One minute it’s Saturday morning, and you just sat down to do maths homework with a good 13 hours of day left, the next it’s mere minutes to midnight and you’ve still not done most of what you want to get done. One minute its new years day, and the next the final episode of Sherlock is on in less than 20 hours. Yes, really. There should definitely be more than 3 episodes in a series. I am not ready for this. I have a horrible feeling someone is going to die. Preparation for the endless wait for the next series, and the emotionally compromised state should probably start now. 

I’m sure I had something else to write about. Not just Sherlock, though it is awesome. The start of the year is always a busy time of year, and you can get so wrapped in things and forget about what has actually happened and what is going on. It used to be that people had exams at this time of year, but then our education minister scrapped them because he decided he wanted to mess up everything for everyone, but I don’t anymore, so I should have loads of free time, but I don’t. This post is fast becoming keyboard diarrhea, and generally nonsensical, so I should probably end it here. 

– Vicki (who should defiantly write something better next time)


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