It’s here.

The dreaded finals week.

To clarify, finals week is the absolutely awful week at the exact middle of the school year where every single class gives a huge test all in this one tiny week and you have to cram all this stuff into your head all at once and try not to explode. So far, I’ve had my French, Geometry, and American History finals, and have my Biology final tomorrow (which I am taking a break from studying for at the moment). My health and English finals will be some time this week, and my Web Design final is in the form of a GIGANTIC essay I have NO time to write. Needless to say, I’m a little stressed.

So I am going to talk about something else. Anything else. Distractions.

Some of my favorite forms of distracting myself from the entire rest of the world are: blasting music (generally Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or Bastille), tumblr, drawing, writing stories, writing journal entries, day dreaming, eating lots of chocolate, reading (for fun), and/or watching tv or YouTube. I am currently doing multiple of these and pretending my finals don’t exist. Why can’t I live in this blissful denial all the time?

Until next week (when I will be significantly less stressed).




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