Expect the Unexpected


What do you think of when you think of chemistry? Do you think of equations that won’t balance, names that sound identical but are apparently spelt differently, and exams that won’t stop coming? Or do you think of a dangerous and virtuous quest, over hill and vale, slaying dragons, saving princes, and empowering yourself though the means of education? Probably not the latter. I just went on a 10 mile hike to collect water samples for my chemistry coursework, and it was anything other that what I expected. 

The main thing is, I appear to have gotten sunburnt. Either that, or I’ve gotten slapcheek for the 3rd time, when you’re only supposed to be able to get it once. It is january, and has been cloudy if not raining all day. It’s not Wisconsin cold, but it’s not exactly warm. I did get sunburnt in March once, but that was the warmest march on record. It would seem like I am slowly becoming an albino or something. Not good. 

Also, when you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, you think you know it like the back of your hand. Turning a corner, and 5 minutes later admitting you have no idea where you are is unnerving at any time, let along when you’re in a city you’ve lived in for your entire life. It was very pretty, as the picture shows, but a bit weird. Also, at the end, we came out under the motorway (British version of an interstate, I think), and it was strange. Like a concrete jungle. In the middle of everything, but entirely isolated at the same time.

This is the point where I attempt to make some sort of tenuous philosophical link to my title, about how we should always expect the unexpected, bring a camera when you go places, and not steal pictures off of google (like I may have done), and wear suncream in the winter – even though it smells horrible. 



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