Things to do when you’re sick

Yes I am late again and I will be punished, don’t worry.

So since Monday, I have been sick. And I don’t mean a sore throat and a few sneezes sick, I mean physically can’t get out of bed or eat anything besides applesauce and jello sick. As you can probably guess, it hasn’t been too fun, but I’m starting to feel better tonight. And I feel like I’ve gained some valuable knowledge from the experience, so here is my list of the top 5 things to do when you’re sick (in no particular order). 

1) Read. Read whatever. Read a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a fan fiction, whatever floats your boat (or ship. Hah get it? I must be feeling better if I’m back to making horrible fan fiction puns). Reading is easy to do and takes your mind off of things and you can do it while laying in bed. 

2) Watch TV or a movie. Watch something funny or scary or dramatic or cute or boring. TV is literally mind numbing and can put you to sleep if used properly (I watched 2 hours of “How it’s made” on the science channel today for just that reason) or can keep you awake, if that’s what you prefer (I recommend loud action movies for this). 

3) Sleep. For obvious reasons.

4) Tumblr. Tumblr is one of those websites you can sit on for what feels like 5 minutes and look at the clock and realize you haven’t moved in 24 hours. And you don’t mind one bit. I spent a good 7 hours on tumblr yesterday. I regret nothing. 

5) Play with a hedgehog (or other animal of choice). Hedgehogs can seriously brighten your day, and I will prove it to you. Do some google image searching. Look up baby hedgehogs, or cute hedgehogs, or hedgehogs in hats (a personal favorite of mine, as well as hedgehogs in costumes), I don’t really care. Look at those adorable little animals. Don’t you just want to cuddle them? Yeah, me too. So I ventured out of my room and (probably rudely) awakened my spiky nocturnal friend who cheered me right up. But mostly just slept in my lap. 

Hopefully no one finds them self sick anytime soon, but I hope that now I’ve left you prepared just in case. Look up the hedgehogs though, seriously. I wasn’t kidding. Go. 



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