A long weekend

So this weekend I had a skating competition. I had to drive almost three hours to get there, and I had to stay in a hotel for three nights. The competition went well, I placed 4th in freestyle, 2nd in jumps, 6th in spins, 2nd in compulsory, and 1st in team compulsory. Which is probably all jibberish to you, but oh well. 

The competition was way up north in literally-almost-canada USA (as opposed to almost-canada USA, where I live). It was very cold, needless to say, and we ended up needing to get a new battery for our car on Saturday, since it refused to start in such cold temperatures. Besides that though, everything went well. I would love to post some pictures, but I am way too tired, so maybe I’ll add them in later or post them next week. 

On Monday, one day after getting home, I had my drivers test. I’ll save the suspense and tell you up front that I passed. But barely. I am not a very good driver. But I passed, so that’s good. I can now drive myself where ever I need to go. It’s weird, I feel much more grown up, but at the same time, I don’t. 

I would love to write more, but I have had a very stressful day that I won’t go into detail about yet and am running on less that four hours of sleep, so I’m going to bed. Good night!


(PS ugh the picture went away why did it do that I will add it back in tomorrow if I can)


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