Cake :)

I have no idea what to write. I confess, I did write about half of something on Sochi, and then decided I couldn’t anymore. Which is somewhat unlike me, but it was starting to hit a bit too close to home. I will just summarise everything I said, and was going to say, with Russia is being mean to people, and condoning violence, which is bad and wrong. 

Something that is not bad, however, is cake. This, in my opinion, is the way to make a good cake (warning, not a recipe):

  1. Music. Half the experience of a cake is making it, and half of that is dancing around the kitchen like a mad thing, singing into the wooden spoon when you don’t think anyone’s looking. 
  2. Chocolate. Although I do have a penchant for lemon cake, most of the best cakes are chocolaty. They veritably oose with chocolate. Also, you can eat the chocolate as you make it. 
  3. Eating cake mix. I know people think I’m too relaxed about food poisoning (but I think it’s a family thing; last time there was something about food wastage on the news, my mum cried), but eating cake mix is unlikely to cause you any harm. It’s like cookie dough. But gooier. 
  4. Vanilla essence. It’s so tiny, you wouldn’t think it makes a difference, but it really does. If the cake is plain, you can substitute it for strawberry milkshake syrup, but in chocolate cakes, that tastes toIo much like cough mixture. 
  5. Friends. What’s better than cooking on your own? Cooking with people 🙂

Well, um. I don’t think it’s actually Saturday anymore, so here ends the list. Remember to eat cake and be awesome and stuff …



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