Stream of Consciousness

In English class at school one day last year, our teacher made us try something. We had to just write, about anything we wanted for 5 minutes. No revisions, no stopping. Just putting our thoughts on the page. So that’s what I’m going to do here today and see what happens. Ready… Go.

So on Sunday I saw the movie Frozen for the second time. It was amazing still. I highly recommend. I may or may not be singing along to the soundtrack right now (spoiler alert: I am). 

I am currently reading This Star Won’t Go Out, the book of Esther Earl’s life, told by her, her family, and her friends. It’s very good, and a fascinating book to read. I will probably write more about it once I finish it. 

I’m pretty tired tonight, I had school and skating today, and then I have been watching the Olympics and neglecting my homework until now. I will probably do it in the morning, I don’t think I can get myself off of tumblr long enough to do geometry. 

Tomorrow I have school, and then an appointment with a therapist to address some *ahem* issues. So that should be interesting, and is another thing that I will probably write about at a later time. 

AAAAND time up. That was super boring, sorry. Not much is happening with me today. I think I am going to go back to tumblr for a bit and finish up doing some replies and then go to bed. Until next Tuesday.


PS I will also be writing about the Olympics at some point because FIGURE SKATING. 


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