Introducing A-Levels.

Not a lot has happened this week. Unless you include coursework deadlines, which I have 3 of in the next week. This has unsurprisingly been quite stressful. For example, I have my first draft of my world development coursework due on Friday, and I have written less than a third of it, because I have been doing my Chemistry coursework (which is now very nearly finished, and about 30 pages long, although about 4 of them are graphs) which is due on Monday. And it’s only worth 30% of this years grade (or 15% of my overall A-Level Chemistry grade). Be thankful you don’t do A-Levels, Claire. Yes, you only normally have to do about 3 and half subjects, but they are so stressful … 

I have 9 exams this summer. That may not sound like a lot, and I think its only one more than last year, but one of them is 4 hours long. 4 hours. Solid writing. About economics. (Well, technically more than just that, but that’s what world development feels like at the moment). My school has always had a thing for sending us weekly email reminders about everything, and the most recent one decided to tell me its only 12 weeks until my exams. I think they mean school weeks, i.e they aren’t counting the Easter holidays, but it still seems weird. I seem to have taken a bit of a backseat, and am far less concerned about revising for them than my teachers think I should be. Okay, maybe most of my plans for next weekend revolve around my Latin vocab list, but that’s besides the point. Everyone seems so focused on their A-Levels, and getting the grades they need for their offers to get into university, but I’m just not. I haven’t applied for university yet, because I want to take a year out – earn money, go places, and be slightly more sure if my new found desire to become a pilot is sensible – so I guess I don’t have that offer to worry about, but still. I expect the realization that these exams make up a really important part of my future (you have to put the grades you get in them on every single job/university/internship application you ever write; although if you have a degree they do pay more attention to that) to come crashing down pretty soon, definitely in the next month or so. But until then … 

– Vicki, who is feeling ever so slightly weird


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