Almost there…

[Disclaimer: I contacted Vicki last night letting her know I had a very bad headache and wouldn’t be posting until tonight, so no punishment for me. And my head is feeling a little better, it’s at least bearable. Darn sleep deprivation.]

Only two days until Spring Break. The thing I’ve been looking forward to since Christmas Break, the blissful week off of school where I get to go on a vacation and not see or even think about anyone from school. I can ignore all of my problems and just relax for once. It will be nice. And I’ve almost made it.

This year my family is going to the Cayman Islands (a British territory… so it’s almost like I’m in the same country as you?). I’ve never been there before, but I’m excited. We’re finally going somewhere where, not only is it warm, but they speak ENGLISH. Mexico and the Dominican Republic (the only countries I’ve been to besides the US) are both lovely, but the language barrier makes things a little difficult. Especially when you’re trying to explain to a salesperson in a Mexican Walmart that you need insect repellent. It took about 10 minutes of awkward sign language to convey this message, but I did indeed find some. Eventually.

I don’t really have any plans in terms of what I want to see or do, I just want to go there and just be there if that makes any sense. My mom is researching all sorts of tourist attractions and things to do, but I think I will just lay on the beach and read most of the day, then watch some Supernatural (I’m bringing season 4 with me, I’m working on catching up!) before going to bed. Then wake up the next morning and repeat. I know I probably won’t tan at all, considering I’m basically a vampire, but I am hoping to replace my porcelain whiteness with a small tint of peach so I at least look human. This winter has been long and dark.

So, since I will be out of the country next week, I can’t make any guarantees on if I will be able to post. If I have internet, I will post, but if I don’t I will when I get home. Also, I’ve decided that since I always listen to music while I write these, I’ll tell you what I listened to while wrote each post. Starting this week.

Today’s music: Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy, Sugar We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy, My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy (I was in a FOB mood today okay)



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