Even though I’m nowhere near being late posting this, I’m still writing when I could be asleep. Why? Because I’ve just come back from watching our school musical, and like all musicals, it was fabulous. One of my friends was the male lead, and the big rumour about it, which turned out to be true, was that he was doing ballet topless, so I obviously had to go and see it. Not only was it true, but he also managed to go on pointe whilst barefoot, and I am so jealous. *ballet sidepoint over, normal service will now be resumed, with added spoilers*

It also turns out that I totally misunderstood the ending of west side story. In the last scene, Chino (the guy Maria was “supposed” to marry) shoots Tony, and Maria is there crying over his body, when Chino drops the gun on the floor. Next, Maria picks up the gun – and here’s what I though diverges from what actually happens. In my head, she waves the gun around, threatening to turn it on anyone of them in order to show the gangs how stupid they’re being and it goes off, causing her to accidentally shoot herself in the head. Then, her and Tony sing a song about all the stars as they’re going up to heaven.  It turns out that a big part of the point of West Side, in comparison to Romeo and Juilett (which is sort of based on) is that she doesn’t actually die. Which I totally missed … 



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