Island Adventure Part 2

Alright everyone gather round because it’s story time. 

I’m going to tell you one of my favorite stories from my vacation last week, The Turtle Farm. So you’ve probably never heard of a turtle farm. Neither had I. But it’s pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go into too much detail about that.

So I get to the turtle farm right? I’m pretty excited. Reptiles are my favorite kind of animal and turtles are my favorite kind of reptile (though hedgehogs are still the unbeatable champion overall). We pay a bit of money, get our little wristband things that say we’re allowed to go in, and then get lectured on the ground rules of holding the turtles. Yes, holding them. I got to hold baby freaking sea turtles. But that comes later.

So we walk into the place and head straight for the first turtle pond, which is filled with at least 20 turtles who were all GIGANTIC. Some of them weighed over 500 pounds! I just wanted to ride on one of their backs, they were just floating along looking so calm. But I think I would have gotten kicked out if I had dived in.

After looking at (and throwing food to!) these turtles, we headed over to see some eggs. They were interesting, but what you’d expect. None of them hatched while I was there, sadly.

Next was the baby-ish turtle pond. This is where I get to hold the turtles. These turtles are pretty small. A few pounds at most, maybe a foot long. They were just swimming around, choosing who they wanted to pick them up, if anyone, since some were a little grumpy. There was one turtle, a little smaller than the rest, that kept coming back to me. I would put him/her/them back in the water after about a minute so I wouldn’t be that annoying person who won’t put the turtle down, but every time I put it back in, it just swam right back to the edge of the tank for me to pick it up again. And that’s the story of how I befriended a turtle.


More stories to come.

(I didn’t listen to any music today)  



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