Overhill and Underhill


Okay, that photo turned out huge. If you know how to shrink it, that would be great. But moving swiftly on. Like I said last week, I spent most of this weekend climbing mountains. It was great.But rather than sit here and wish I was back there and not drowning in a sea of schoolwork, I’m going to tell you what happened.

First, I woke up at half 5 on Saturday morning to make sure I was fully packed and didn’t forget anything before leaving at around half 7 (spoiler alert: You can’t go off somewhere without forgetting something. Unless it’s school. But I have been going there for quite a long time …). Then, me and 4 friends ( Me and the 3 boys in the picture, and Lizzy, who took it) got in my Dad’s car and tried to drive to Abergavenny. I say tried because Dad took us to the motorway services which were about half way there, and then got lost and we ended up back where we started. But because it doesn’t actually take you 2 hours to drive somewhere which is an hour away, it was fine. So we got there. Then we did stuff like learning how to put up a tent (which sounds really easy, but we still very nearly put ours up inside out) and eating lunch.

Then begins the walking. I was going to put in a map, but it turns out that piecing maps to together in paint is much harder than I remembered. Anyway. On the first afternoon, we went on a 3 mile hike, which turned into a 5 mile hike because maps sometimes draw footpaths that don’t actually exist. Being Wales, there was a lot of sheep poo, and it was very hilly. But also fun. Then we got back to the campsite, and nearly blew ourselves up, because our stove was evil. It had two settings: off, and ball of orange flames. One of the other groups did actually explode their stove, but we didn’t. After eating not only my own food, but quite a bit of someone else’s, the stars came out, and unlike where I live with all the streetlights and everything, you could make out all the constellations. Especially the plow/big dipper, which I personally think looks more like a saucepan.

Then sleep. Sleep is good. And then day 2. The actual climbing of sugar loaf. Even though we didn’t actually get all the way to the summit because there were about 6 million people up their (I’m exaggerating, there are probably less than that many people in the whole of Wales), it was very pretty. And even hillier. From start to finish, it was probably the better part of 12 miles. For some reason, everyone seems to use kilometers, which make no real sense to me outside of maths problems. When someone says, the footpath is 300 meters on your left, you think meters, that’s how they measure how tall people are, so if I had 200 copies of my mum, it’s that far away. Which isn’t really very helpful. That was a slightly strange tangent, sorry about that.

This weekend was just technically practice for a practice, so I’m going back in July, and then again in September. There are things happening beforehand that I’m looking forward to, like the TFIOS movie coming out, and the Easter Holidays, but I can’t wait to get back up into the mountains and leave all my responsibilities behind. Obviously, I will still have some responsibilities: like not getting lost, and not dying, but on the whole, it’s a much less stressful experience than school and life and teachers that shout at you.

– Vicki


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