This post is late, because I was waiting for a post from Claire. A post that hasn’t happened. That, combined with the fact that I managed to catch the flu – so have spent more of this week in bed than out of it, means I have very little to talk to you about today. Last night, I had a really sad dream, involving candle-mass, Bolivia, and one of my sister’s friends dying. I have had one the hymns I used to sing at Catholic school stuck in my head ever since. Now is probably the time to mention that I did used to go to Catholic school – with a convent at the bottom of the school field and Latin masses every other Friday. 

Another thing that has happened is a rekindling of my desire to play Sims 2. That sounds incredibly sad. But my old computer with Sims 2 on it crashed, and I (stupidly?) agreed not to install it onto this machine until I’d finished all my exams. So I’ve been looking at things I could install for a game I don’t currently have. Daft? Definitely.

Furthermore, as everyone regresses a bit when they are ill, I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading the sort of books I used to read as a little kid. Mostly Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House on The Prairie fame) type stuff, but any cheap paperbacks published in the 70’s really. I don’t care what people say about growing up, or making way for new authors, but any kid I am involved in the upbringing of is going to read so many cheap 70’s paperbacks. 

Whilst camping, and mountain climbing, we did quite a bit of talking, and since then, I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking about my childhood, and where I used to live. Well, the people I used to live with. I mostly mean that in terms of my neighbours … It’s not like a got a new family when I moved house. I’m quite clearly tapering off into nothingness, and as I should probably get up in about 7 hours (To whoever decided the clocks were moving forward tonight, I don’t like you) this is it. Hope it made some vague semblance of sense. 



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