Ice Ice Baby

Public Service Announcement: Figure Skaters are as brave as heck. 

A couple of weeks ago, my mum won a bunch of tickets to an ice show organised by someone who won the Olympics back when she was a kid – and today was the day. The show I saw was not what I had expected from an ice-show, but it was PHENOMENAL. (I know random capitalization can be annoying, but I needed a way of showing the amount of time my heart spent in my mouth this afternoon). From my pretty limited experience, (I’ve been skating about 3 or 4 times, and can  just about get around the edge without holding on), I can conclude that skating is hard. Let alone skating backwards. Or spinning around. Or leaping. Or balancing on the head of someone whose’s skating on one leg. Yes, that actually happened.  I think I stopped breathing when she did it. And when the guy swung her around and she was basically upside-down. And when the other girl climbed in the hoop and hung from it upside-down, with just one (skated) foot to balance her there. 

I couldn’t take any photos, being inside a theatre and all, so here are a couple of little drawings of the best bits:


(I thought I was better at paint than that, so those pictures don’t do it justice at all)

Anyway, those were just the cool parts that I (mistakenly) thought I could draw. Drawing spinning is hard. And figure skating seems to involve a lot of that. Something else it involves, which I hadn’t expected, is trust. Whether it’s trust in the stakes, trust in a rope, or trust in another person, there’s an awful lot of trust involved. Along with an awful lot of lifting.

– Vicki

(Warning: Next week’s post will be about prom, and the chance of it becoming some sort of strange, overemotional tangent is very high)


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