Dancing Queen

I mentioned last week that I would talk about prom this time, but I’m going one better. I’m going to talk about prom. I’m going to talk about eurovision. It’s time for the music mayhem double feature ! (Okay, that wasn’t mean to sound totally sarcastic). But I digress, back to prom. The one night of the year with dancing abounds, and the occasional drunk teacher. And drunk students, obviously, but that’s less surprising. Maybe it’s because I left it for me to watch eurovision first, or because I haven’t seen enough photos, but I’m finding prom surprisingly hard to talk about. I had a great time, don’t get me wrong. Lots of memories, some of them slightly strange. And more compliments than I think I’ve had the rest of my life put together (that is, if you don’t count parents). Again, some slightly strange. And the dancing. Some of that was interesting. Imagine the drunk giraffe had a baby with a Cossack, and that would be how some of my friends dance. It’s brilliant. 

Sorry, that wasn’t very long. Or very well written. I might come back to it another time. 

– Vicki


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