Eurovision !!!!!!!!!!!

I was expecting to give my usual round up of the eurovision acts, stewed in heavy sarcasm, about how popular musical tastes and my own taste don’t coincide at all.  Thing being, that isn’t really what happened with this year’s eurovision. I suppose this relates back to the post I couldn’t write back in February, about Sochi. Jokes about eurovision being the final round of “gay or European” have always been abounds. But this yeah, my continent has once done something other than world war. Last year, partly to celebrate new equal marriage laws, 2 girls kissed as part of the Finnish act. And the eastern bloc didn’t like it, with Turkey pulling out, and a couple of other countries moving the add break especially to stop people from seeing that song. And then Sochi happened. And Europe decided it had had enough.

First, the Icelandic song. Called “No Prejudice” , and was basically a bunch of guys in teletubby-esque suits and electric guitars, singing about how people should stop being narrow-minded. I voted for them, both because I liked the vibe of the song, and because I like Iceland. And then, the remaining 22 acts. One of which happened to be a drag queen. Called Conchita. Singing a song about rising from the ashes and showing the world who you really are. I’ve heard people describe Frozen’s “Let It Go” as a coming out song, but this was infinitely more so.  Rumour has it, Ukraine petitioned to have this act removed from the contest, because of stuff. But no. For a country to win by a landslide isn’t surprising, when they’re part of the Eastern bloc – because, yes, eurovision is the true home of political voting. Don’t get me wrong, we still voted politically, but in a different sort of way. In a “we’ve had enough of Sochi and your prejudiced attitudes type way”. Conchita was the landslide winner, with the 5th highest vote count in 59 years of eurovision history. Which is saying something. Eurovision acceptance speeches are never very long, but her 2 sentences nearly made me cry. I know I’ve been having an emotional weekend, but that means a lot. Brace yourselves, Europe, a storm is brewing. 

– Vicki


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