My textbooks sit in my schoolbag, tucked under the chair. For the last time. Geography, Chemistry, Statistics, Latin. My shoes are swished awkwardly underneath it, also for the last time. I can’t say anything much about clothes – and make this into a nice little triplet – seeing as I no longer have a uniform (its last time was a couple of years ago), but the tie still hangs on the handle of my wardrobe door. After 14 years, the time has come. It’s my last day of school, forever.

(Personally, I don’t count university as school, and even if you do, it’s a while until that happens). Even then, its not like this is a proper day of school. My last exam was on Friday – though had I done what I thought I’d be doing now, I’d probably have one this morning – so I’m just returning my textbooks. Telling the librarian that everything I’ve ever take out has been returned. And then, hopefully well before lunchtime, I’m leaving – and I’m never coming back. Had I really wanted to, I could have had this moment a couple of years ago (I think, but I’m not totally sure, because no-one can really get a nice job without A-Levels), but it still feels pressing. The fact I’m writing this at 4am might mean something there; although that has more to do with the stray cat that climbed through my bedroom window. 

Sat on my bed, listening to Mr Brightside – a song I will forever associate with school dinner dances, it’s a strange feeling. Mostly, I’m glad. These exams have not been even remotely fun, and I’m glad they’re over. There will be people, probably a majority of people, if I’m feeling honest, that I’ll never see again – and I think I’m okay with that. I’ll miss some of them, obviously – but I wouldn’t be being honest if I said there weren’t some people I’m glad to see the back of. I remember my first day of school like it was yesterday, and yet now is my last. And to think how much I’ve changed. 3 foot high, blonde bob, green gingham summer dress. Now, 5 foot 3 (4 on a good day), strawberry blonde short mess – having been dyed through auburn, red, black, purple, and then back to auburn – check shirt, and jeans. The world has changed. And I guess I’ve changed with it. 

– Vicki



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