Open Days.

My presence on this blog has been somewhat sparse, as you may have noticed, as of late. This is because I have been busy, not just in sorting out all 7 million forms I need to fill out in order to go to Tanzania, but with the phenomena that is university open days. I don’t know if they are thing in other countries, given how much time it would take people to get to them. I’ve sort of implied it already, but one of the big things with these days is travelling to them. The amount of time I have spent on trains in the last few days, and also the amount of money I have spent on train tickets, is staggering. 

Like now, I am sat, (on a sofa admittedly) in the hallway in a youth hostel in a city at least 4 hours north of where I normally live – so that I can be on time to the open day tomorrow, and also be like independent and stuff. (The hallway is because there was no wifi in the dorm, and the lounge is full of americans and the world cup; so after the star-spangled banner came on, I decided to make a break for it. I can still hear their collective sighs through the wall every now and again when something supposedly interesting happens – and I can’t be only one silently groaning in response). I think that they’re important in helping you get a feel for the place, and also kind of fun. Also a small child walked past who looks exactly like my brother did 2 years ago and now I feel strange. 

So, you may ask, what happens on an open day? Well, They’re all different, but there are some common themes. There are lots of talks, some of which are more boring than others, and there’s nowhere enough time in the day to go to all of them. There are tours; of subject areas, of accommodation, and of the campus(es) themselves. There are little mock lectures, and practice labs – and the professors are on hand for you to ask pretty much all of the questions to. Which is good, but sometimes you have so many questions, you don’t really know where to start with them. I should probably write up a list of my questions for tomorrow now. Or sleep. Or anything else that involves me leaving this hallway, which is all of a sudden freezing. 

– Vicki (who is cold)


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