General Knowledge

Having lost the post I was writing in a powercut late yesterday evening, I though I should quickly bestow you with some information before Claire gets the chance to punish me. Currently, I am in the process of writing a quiz that I will put on as part of my Tanzania fundraising, and so I thought I could share with you some “general” knowledge that I have learnt in this process.

1. Eating frogs are not kosher, nor is it Halal.

2. There are different numbers of athletes on men’s and women’s bobsled teams.

3. Cake is a type of bread (apparently, if I only I could convince my mother).

4.  The Ethiopian Orthodox church has 81 books ( or 15 extra books) in its Bible.

5. There is no U in Elegy (pronounced U-lul-gee).

6. There is such a thing as a chow mien sandwich (I want one).

7.  There is Ketchup in Sweet and Sour sauce.

8. Watermelons have a white layer

9.  The Beatles, seminal 60’s music, were formed in 1957.

10. Dungarees were invented in 1792.



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