Travel Plans

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an adventurous streak. An urge to get away. Since I was a very little girl, I’ve spent hours staring longingly out of windows, or up into the clouds, willing myself to be somewhere else. Up till now, most of these flights of fancy have taken place within the confines of my own head – or else in the form of lonely wonders through local parks or along the river. But now its time to spread my wings, so to speak. To learn to fly. 

Moving away from aviation metaphors, Tanzania is something I have been rather excited about for a long time. And has also involved meticulous planning. In my free time, however, I have continued to gaze at maps, and pictures of the northern lights, and I have finally come up with a wonderful plan for the second half of my gap year. 

Although conventionally expensive, it looks cheap for around 6 months of constant travel. It involves travel by just about every means; coach, train, ferry and some light (ha!) walking, in order to save on airfares. The sooner I book it, the first parts at least, the more likely I am to be able to stay in both nice and cheap hostels – they do exist, with York being a case in point. So why haven’t I done it yet?

1. I am having some Tanzania-related cash flow problems. This isn’t really unexpected, It just makes my heart shatter a little every time I open up my laptop and the page with my current route jumps out at me. 

2. I have to talk to people. Mostly people who own farms or youth hostels where I intend to be volunteering, but also some friends and the like, who I would like to meet up with along the way. Including you. 

3. Travelling the world makes me into an adult. A responsible human who leaves home, and her parents, and doesn’t see anyone she knows for months. In a way, this is part of what attracts me to travelling, but in another way, it’s terrifying.

– Vicki


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