Doctor Who.


Doctor Who. I’m so confused. I should probably backtrack a bit here, and do some explaining, or you will end up even more confused than I am. Today, about an hour and a half ago, at long last, started the new series of Doctor Who. I’m not sure if things like that are the same everywhere, but it probably comes out soon in most places. And I just watched it. I had very low expectations, because even though the 50th anniversary special was brilliant, the Christmas episode was the most disappointing piece of shit in the history of humanity. I may sound like I am exaggerating, but I was so bitterly disappointed. The mere word “disappointed” doesn’t even feel big enough to cover it. 

So, with trepidation, I sat in front of the telly, cup of tea in hand, expecting to be disappointed. And I am. But I’m not. In short, I am very very confused. There were good bits, and there were bad bits. On the whole, Jenny is continuing to win my favour as super bad-ass, and Clara is being to make up for the whole “I-am-a-plot-device” thing that happened. I think that a certain person needs to re-learn the rule of “show, don’t tell”, with the clunking kissing part (you couldn’t even see their faces, just their mouths) and the control freak argument being cases in point, but on the whole it was good. Until the last 5 minutes. 

Stephen Moffat, or whoever else it is that’s writing Doctor Who, seems to have a habit of doing that. Closing time, the one with Craig and the Doctor and Stormageddon, would be my absolute favourite episode in the history of science fiction, were it not for the tiny bit at the end with River and sadness and not-nice things. And again this time. I was perfectly fine thinking the cyborg guy was some sort of religious fanatic, a Zionist, a Jehovah’s Witness, or anyone else who’s a little bit obsessed with the idea of heaven or “the promised land”. But that can’t be, apparently. The Doctor has to have some romantic attachment, or so it seems, whose purpose seems to be to cause unnecessary plot disturbance and annoy me. I wasn’t a fan of River, and Missy, I’m not a fan of you.

– Vicki 


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