An Ode to Scotland.

Here I am, in wet and raining England, thoroughly relieved that after 400 years together, we are not saying goodbye to a wetter and raining Scotland. I wouldn’t want to describe myself as “anti-independence” exactly, I just think that Britain works better as a singular entity than as the nations that make it do on their own. We’ve got a common history, as comes from being the same country and occupying the same land mass, but there are differences.

A lot of things that people traditionally think of as English are actually Scottish. Macbeth, for example, is set in the Highlands somewhere. David Tennant (formerly McDonald) is Scottish, as is new who Peter Capaldi. But anyway, this was supposed to be fun and mildly interesting about why Scotland is good, but is much better as part of the UK (where it can never be forced to join the eurozone), not a list of how many Dr Who actors I can name – which in terms of who’s played the doctor is obviously all of them. Scotland is more geographically interesting than England in my opinion, at least the part where I live. It has lots of lakes and mountains and nice countryside, and snows more than one day every year. It’s generally less flooded, and the people don’t sound like pirates all the time.

But no, in the words of Alistair Darling (who I never thought I would have any opinion besides laughing about his eyebrows), we are better together. Macbeth maybe Scottish, but Shakespeare (an English guy) wrote it. Dr Who is funded by London and produced in Wales. I have no idea where I’m going with this, beyond the realization that talking about politics is messy and opinionated and probably not a very good idea.

– Vicki


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